Do you have any moulds to make your carvings/sculptures?
Ice Creations hand carves all carvings, using electric chainsaws, ice tongs and special chisels.  The ice block is removed from the freezer, hand crafted/sculpted, and placed back into the freezer ready for packaging and delivery.

Can I do anything to make it last longer?
Yes, position ice away from direct sunlight and wind; do not use "spot" lights.

Can you colour ice?
No, any dyes used are filtered out due to our manufacturing process; if you would like to have colour on/through your carving, use coloured lighting (not "spot" lights).

How much notice do I need to give?
Orders for the North Island - minimum of 7 days.
Orders for the South Island - minimum of 10 days.

(Lead time allows for the freezing process, carving, packaging and delivery).

What happens to the water when it melts?
Ice Creations hires out drip trays, which can be placed on a table directly beneath the carving (you will require a material cloth to cover the tray).  Then, all the water is drained into a bucket (beneath table; empty frequently - approx 1 hour intervals).

What types of different objects have you frozen or can you

freeze in ice?
Lawn mower, cash, Levi Jeans, flowers, beer cans, fish, toys. glitter, playstation

(imagination is the only limitation).